Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Dropping by with a HI!

Sooooo I know it's been a long, seriously looon time since I last posted .... but I'm back now and hopefully I'll find the time to craft/scrapbook again. 
It's been a busy, busy year for me. I've now gotten another nephew William, and a niece Sophia.  So now I'm and auntie to 3 of the cutest kiddies in the world. and yes I do spoil them a lot, but hey, that's what aunties are for!!! 
So work is winding down and I'm finding more and more time to craft. Right now I'm making decor balls for my washroom. It's quite a challenge coming up with new ideas and actually making them so that they look good. Most of them are made and ready to be spray painted as soon as i find the right color to match the new towels I bought. Can't wait to display them... I'll post pictures of them later to see what u'all think.
But right now I gotta' run again. No time No time .. 
till next time then ... 
God bless You All --Claudia W. 

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