Friday, 8 June 2012

Card Sets

After a 2 week AWEsome vacation I'm back to making cards and scrapping whenever i have time, lately it's still sets of cards I'm working on but now I'm including envelopes and boxes as well. 
Our Vacation was amazingly unbelievable, I mean who thought that I was ever gonna' see a gorgeous cascading waterfalls or some majestic mountain ranges much less driving through them,we even climbed one... it was more like a HUUUGE hill than a mountain but still it seemed like a mountain. We journeyed through Montana, spent some time with old/new friends in Washington, headed on down to Oregon, checked out the coast there, although the day was dreary and the ocean water freezing we stayed in the ocean for over an hour, it was incredible!!  Saw the gorgeous Multnomah Falls and also hiked to the top of it. It was 1.5 miles to the top but TOTALLY worth it, again breathtaking scenery. Couple days later we headed back to Canada, crossing the border in Vancouver, experiencing the beautiful spring flowers and flowering trees in the Butchart Garden, then heading inland on the ferry to check out the Sea World which was also interesting as it was raining all day which we also didn't let it bother us 'cause the sea animals seemed to have so much fun in the rain we decided to take their lead and enjoyed checking them out, watching the shows and ooohing aaahing over some seriously wierd spiecies :) next day we again headed homeward going through the mountains again this time we were so high we went through clouds!!! yeah everything, everyone, was amazingly incredible and enjoyable!!! but now it's back to work, work and more work, with summer being upon us and the garden growing bountifully it's always busy around here :) so here are those card set I mentioned earlier ... .... 
4 cards in a set
4 cards - 4 sets w/boxes and envelopes
  till next time everyone ... who knows when I'll appear again...
God bless U all ... Claudia W.

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  1. These are all just so wonderful Claudia. Love your style.
    Hugs, Rosalee