Sunday, 5 June 2011

What they chose to bring back to me...

So the Fort was displayed in the Public Town Library,, right??? and after 2 months they called us to come get it,, so they went and got it! Kay, now on the way home they got to talking and finally asked each other,,, (mom/dad/sister) what are we gonna' do with it at home, it's too big to keep around??? So they drove up to the nearest dumpster and tipped it in... they knew me well enough that I would be very disappointed and stuff so they brought me a consoling gift - a piece off the fort
- the barn -
the delightful barn...only remaining piece of the fort...:(

the barn roof - not very waterproof -

That 'thing' was the first thing I made and it was supposed to be a house, didn't turn out, so it accidentally became a barn,, they brought me - a barn- I seriously couldn't believe out of choosing anything on the fort they chose the barn to bring me... I wanted my red river cart or my wishing well,, Oh I was so disappointed but in time I got over it and as much as I didn't like the barn I displayed it on my crafting desk for all to see, but for my it's a reminder of my time and energy spent designing and creating something that ended up on the dump only thing saved is the barn.... :,) so sad... but anyway if they would want another one, I'd be more the happy to make one!! so just let me know... 
 Claudia Waldner... :)

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