Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Sorry guys :(

 So sorry for not keeping u guys updated... 
Been so buys planning and preparing for a wedding that my scrapbooking table is sitting totally forgotten exactly like it was a month ago,, but hey, the wedding is next week, so after that, hopefully I'll have time to make a few projects, and actually post some of them, And there is exciting news in all this, for me anyway,, it's my older sister getting married, and of course moving out of the house, so we got a room left over, and It's Mine, can't imagine having my own craft room, it's gonna' be soooooo AWESOME!!! Of course I'll miss my sister really very much, but lifes gotta go on and I'm getting a room out of the deal, soo totally kool. Now I gotta' get back to planning and working on the entertainment part of the wedding... wish me luck :) 
cya guys all later, and God Bless You All


  1. Hope the wedding goes really well and that you all have a fantastic time.
    I expect you will miss her....but a room for Enjoy!!!

  2. Oh my , way cool to get your own room, enjoy that and the wedding........:))
    ps: your goodies is on it's way to you, hope you like!!
    lotsa luv

  3. LOL guess there's a silver lining everywhere! :p have fun this week :)

  4. patiently waiting! .........:)

  5. Miss seing your creations. Hope you'll post some soon.
    Hugs, Rosalee

  6. oh they're coming,,, they're coming... have to make over a hundred thank-you cards for my sister, and I'll be sure to show those....