Monday, 11 July 2011

Christmas Card in July

U know, sometimes your mind tells you to do something and you just go do it.. a couple days a go made Christmas Cards, don't ask my why,, I just did. they turned out o.k. but I didn't want winter, snow, and cold now that it's finally warmed up so I put everything back on the shelves and went back to making 'summery' cards, but I just got to show u the 'wintery' ones I made...

                  and here are the 'summery' ones,  

a thank-you card

a sympathy card


  1. Fabulous card hun!!I can't believe you can make a xmas card.LOL .That's hard to get in the mood for when it's summery out.Thanks for stopping by my blog.Please check again to see if you can follow or go to the stop of the screen.Thanks hun!!Hugs

  2. winter and summer they are all fabulous Claudia...great colours and designs
    Mina xxx