Tuesday, 7 June 2011

SLEEP it off

So I'm back with another card,,, missed my sister's b-day,, can u believe it, me - a card maker, I don't even have to buy a card, missed giving my sister on for her birthday,, , still can't believe it myself,, so I decided to give her one on the first chance I got, it came a couple weeks later when she became so sick that all that helped was sleeping so I made a card for her with a bit of advice ... SLEEP it off... found a cute image  and the card did exactly what I wanted it to do,, make her smile ... :) as best she could, She's all better now, and actually looks like herself again, one side of her face was completely swollen ,  it was pretty freaky, and all that was caused by a sore tooth,,, scary,, 
anyway here it is,, 
totally love the stamp!!!


  1. Cute card...I just love cowboy images!

    I'm glad your sister is better!

  2. I'm glad your sister is doing better. What an adorable card you made for her! The sleeping cowboy and horse are too cute! I love it :)


  3. Great card! I bet your sister loved it!
    Alicia xx

  4. This is a great card, love the image x

    hugs sally x