Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Robies - - so cute....

My latest project - - when I have time, you kinda just HAVE to try making some pairs 'cause they are sooo cute, I had
to share them with you guys... see what you think... like them???
probably not as much as I do :)  but,,, well, not everyone can like something so much :))
cutest pair.... 
couple of other designs

and the lot....


  1. oh my gosh these are soooo cute! You made those? Wow!!! Im having a grandson in September and I feel crafty just makin a card for him haha. you are so talented :)

  2. Hey Claudia, sorry about the confusion, I meant to tell you come over to Pixie Blog to enter the giveaway! : )

  3. Those are awesome! You are very creative:)

    Thanks for visiting my blog and joining on the candy fun:)