Friday, 22 April 2011

winter project

One evening while visiting relatives I 
admired a blinking snowman, it was around
Christmas time
and the cheerful multi-colored, blinking lights
had me mesmerized, they (the relatives)
noticed me staring at it
all evening and asked me if I wanted
one just like it,I leapt at the
chance to own a kool thingy like that, 
I mean, let's face it, you think you own 
a decoration just by your own self, and 
the next house you step into,there sits one on the shelf
just like the one you have at home on your shelf
hmmmm, there goes the cheer, well, of course
not allll of it:)
anyway, back to the story,
of course I said :"Yeah, I would like to have it"
but as with almost all stuff, you got to give a little
to get a little, so i compromised and said,
Nope, I'll not take it this time,
But I do want to know what it's made from!
I got all the supplies and made one
just for me,, and the next year I
tried something a bit different 
and changed a bit around
and finally I got what I wanted, 
A crafted blinking snowman, 
made by me
check it out....
this one I made for my sister
who got married just last year....
so exciting ....
I made this one with only blue lights and it looked great so my next ones are gonna be blue just 
to change it up a little
 to show you what it
looks like with it's lights on
I added a picture down there too.

We left ours out all 
winter 'cause a snowman
is a winter thing.
But now that Spring has sprung it's 
been put aside to await
another winter when it will
 resume it's blinking...


  1. WOWSER!!! i came by for a visit after you entered my candy, and now i gotta have a snowman too. We donet celbrate Xmas and of course living in Africa we dont get snow at that time of year, but it may snow this year winter in our neck of the woods and now its winter, my kids would think it so cool if we had one of these in the garden, please email me and share how you did this, i love it!

  2. Oh, this is absolutely awesome Claudia!
    Hugs, Iulia